Irine's Cafe & Bakery


All of our recipes were created by my wonderful mother, Morfia.  She was influenced by her yiayia (grandmother) and dad. Everything I know about baking and Greek food I owe to my mom. My great grandparents were from the Greek Island of Chios. My papou (grandfather) immigrated to New York later in his life, met my yiayia and raised two great kids - my mom and thea Maria (aunt).  Papou Niko was the head chef for the Waldorf Astoria and famous for his Manhattan Clam Chowder. 

Mom and I always fantasized about opening our very own restaurant. We would sit around for hours sharing ideas and experimenting with food and desserts that my brother and I drooled over. Believe me, we were never late for dinner! I was there for the very first cheesecake mom ever made and it still feels like yesterday. Ever since then her passion and desire for making desserts became her sweet escape. Because I loved my mom so much and was always looking for any excuse to be with her, mom's passion became mine. After much perseverance and hard work, we finally achieved what we thought would only be a dream and found new family at our new home in Glendora...and as they say, the rest is history - in the making!